MWC config文件(部分说明)

/****           CONFIGURABLE PARAMETERS                                                       ****/

/* this file consists of several sections
 * to create a working combination you must at least make your choices in section 1.
 * 1 - BASIC SETUP - you must select an option in every block. 基础设置-每部分必须选择一项。
 *      this assumes you have 4 channels connected to your board with standard ESCs and servos.假设你有四通道连接到控制板,具有标准的电调和舵机。
 * 2 - COPTER TYPE SPECIFIC OPTIONS - you likely want to check for options for your copter type 直升机细节选项-为你的直升机选择具体细节选项。
 * 3 - RC SYSTEM SETUP 遥控系统设置
 * 4 - ALTERNATE CPUs & BOARDS - if you have 备份CPUs和控制板-如果你有
 * 5 - ALTERNATE SETUP - select alternate RX (SBUS, PPM, etc.), alternate ESC-range, etc. here 备份设置-选择备份方案(SBUS、PPM等),备份电调控制范围等,
 * 6 - OPTIONAL FEATURES - enable nice to have features here (FlightModes, LCD, telemetry, battery monitor etc.) 可选项-具备各种特征(飞行模式、LCD、遥测、电池监测等)
 * 7 - TUNING & DEVELOPER - if you know what you are doing; you have been warned 调教和开发

/* Notes:
 * 1. parameters marked with (*) in the comment are stored in eeprom and can be tweaked via serial monitor or LCD.
 *    Changing those values in config.h and upload will require a 'Reset' from the GUI to take effect 设置中带*的如果要改变需要在GUI中RESET

/*****************                                                                 ***************/
/****************  SECTION  1 - BASIC SETUP                                                *******/
/*****************                                                                 ***************/

  /**************************    The type of multicopter 多旋翼类型   ****************************/
    //#define GIMBAL
    //#define BI
    //#define TRI
    //#define QUADP 四轴+
    #define QUADX //四轴X
    //#define Y4
    //#define Y6
    //#define HEX6
    //#define HEX6X
    //#define HEX6H  // New Model
    //#define OCTOX8
    //#define OCTOFLATP
    //#define OCTOFLATX
    //#define FLYING_WING
    //#define VTAIL4
    //#define AIRPLANE
    //#define SINGLECOPTER
    //#define DUALCOPTER
    //#define HELI_120_CCPM
    //#define HELI_90_DEG

  /****************************    Motor minthrottle  马达最小油门  *******************************/
    /* Set the minimum throttle command sent to the ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)电调最小油门设置,怠速值
       This is the minimum value that allow motors to run at a idle speed  */
    //#define MINTHROTTLE 1300 // for Turnigy Plush ESCs 10A
    //#define MINTHROTTLE 1120 // for Super Simple ESCs 10A
    //#define MINTHROTTLE 1064 // special ESC (simonk)
    //#define MINTHROTTLE 1050 // for brushed ESCs like ladybird
    #define MINTHROTTLE 1000 // (*)

  /****************************    Motor maxthrottle 最大油门   *******************************/
    /* this is the maximum value for the ESCs at full power, this value can be increased up to 2000 */
    #define MAXTHROTTLE 2000

  /****************************    Mincommand          *******************************/
    /* this is the value for the ESCs when they are not armed 电调未armed?的最小值,某些情况下,对特殊电调必须小于900,否则无法初始化。
       in some cases, this value must be lowered down to 900 for some specific ESCs, otherwise they failed to initiate */
    #define MINCOMMAND 1000 // 850

  /**********************************    I2C speed  I2C总线速度 ************************************/
    //#define I2C_SPEED 100000L     //100kHz normal mode, this value must be used for a genuine WMP
    #define I2C_SPEED 400000L   //400kHz fast mode, it works only with some WMP clones 

  /***************************    Internal i2c Pullups I2C内部上拉设置  ********************************/
    /* enable internal I2C pull ups (in most cases it is better to use external pullups)多数情况下使用外部上拉较好 */
    //#define INTERNAL_I2C_PULLUPS

  /*****************          boards and sensor definitions   控制板和传感器定义         ******************/

    /***************************    Combined IMU Boards  惯性导航板选择  ********************************/
      /* if you use a specific sensor board:
         please submit any correction to this list.
           Note from Alex: I only own some boards, for other boards, I'm not sure, the info was gathered via rc forums, be cautious */
      //#define FFIMUv1         // first 9DOF+baro board from Jussi, with HMC5843                   


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